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Vitalize Initiatives Inc. is an innovative company that offers outsourced workplace wellness and safety services, that help build strength within organizations, and event planning. We are able to offer this wide range of services due to our company's unique structure. Vitalize Initiatives is divided into three divisions: Vitalize Workplaces, Vitalize Safety and Vitalize Events. Each division is distinct, yet very connected to the rest of the company through common values, goals and effective operating systems.

With our highly qualified and personable staff on your team you can be assured that you will get the results you want and feel empowered, calm, confident, involved, excited, positive and motivated.

Vitalize Initiatives is moving forward with direction, purpose and passion. Our team thrives on changing to provide our clients with services that cannot be matched. We are always expanding our team and focusing on our own learning to increase our strength and capabilities. We focus on the wellness of our team within Vitalize Initiatives so that we have the energy to 'Vitalize' your initiative.

Our clients vary a great deal, but all want results, impact and a positive feeling along the way. Is that what they get? Yes.

Mission Statement:

To Vitalize each initiative:


To grow, change and provide even better services to our clients with each passing day.


Ensure that the work we do is remarkable. Advice we took to heart from a trusted associate/ friend. - Jared Smith, Incite Solutions Inc.