Vitalize Initiatives Inc. is an innovative company that offers outsourced workplace wellness and safety services,that help build strength within organizations, and event planning. We are able to offer this wide range of services due to our company's unique structure. Vitalize Initiatives is divided into three divisions: Vitalize Workplaces, Vitalize Safety and Vitalize Events.  Each division is distinct, yet very connected to the rest of the company through common values, goals and effective operating systems.



With our highly qualified and personable staff on your team you can be assured that you will get the results you want and feel empowered, calm, confident, involved, excited, positive and motivated.


Vitalize Initiatives is moving forward with direction, purpose and passion. Our team thrives on changing to provide our clients with services that cannot be matched. We are always expanding our team and focusing on our own learning to increase our strength and capabilities. We focus on the wellness of our team within Vitalize Initiatives so that we have the energy to 'Vitalize' your initiative.


Our clients vary a great deal, but all want results, impact and a positive feeling along the way. Is that what they get? Yes


Mission Statement: To Vitalize each initiative with intuition that is only possible by truly listening to a client with energy that can only be achieved when the entire team is excited about a common goal in a way that we will feel proud to put our name behind our work with the goal of strengthening our clients and moving them forward to reach incredible success.


Vision: To grow, change and provide even better services to our clients with each passing day. Act only with integrity and be truly proud of the work we do.


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April Tilma

Founder & CEO

April founded Vitalize Initiatives Inc in 2007. The organization was formed around April's passion and experience associated with workplace wellness, workplace safety, and event planning.


Previous to founding Vitalize Initiatives, April gained her experience primarily through work with municipal government, the oil and gas sector and non-profit organizations.


When it comes to corporate wellness and safety, April gained much of her initial experience in Northern Alberta, working in the Oil Sands with shift workers, office workers and everyone in between. She is now helping organizations with the health, wellness and safety of their workers all over Canada. April has a way of engaging people and motivating others to make their well-being and safety a priority. She has a knack for giving organizations a healthy boost and getting them moving in a healthier direction. When someone cares about something as much as April cares about wellness and safety, it becomes contagious.


Event planning is could easily be described as April’s ‘thing’. She has been planning events for almost 20 years. Her events to date range from events for small groups of 30 to large community events for 30,000 people. Corporate wellness/safety events, corporate events, community events, festivals, concerts, sports-related events and Canada Days are her specialties. When planning and managing an event, April's focus is on creating and maintaining effective systems, streamlining logistics and running an event that is fantastic, memorable and stress-free for participants.


Some of the adventures April has crossed off her list of things to do include becoming a Mother, exploring Morocco/Vietnam/Belize/Panama with her husband,skydiving in New Zealand, getting outrageously lost in Italy, snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, swimming with sharks in Thailand, and biking 60 km in Greece just to see a spectacular sunset. Every chance April gets she spends with her family.


April has a degree from the University of Alberta in Recreation and Leisure Studies (with distinction).


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